Islands Matter Webinar ‘Shetland: A fishy tale’ by Dr John Goodlad

The Islands Matter webinars are the result of a collaboration between Dr Andrew Jennings Institute for Northern Studies UHI, Professor Frank Rennie Lews Castle College UHI and Dr Beth Mouat Shetland UHI. This series of webinars was set up to address the hunger in the Scottish islands to hear from experts based in other islands worldwide, and to help inform the UHI Islands’ Strategy.

Islands Matter Webinar ‘Shetland: A fishy tale’ by Dr John Goodlad. As part of the Islands Matter seminar series Dr John Goodlad will join us on the 17 March at 12pm for a discussion online about his most recent work ‘The Salt Roads: How Fish Made Culture’. John has worked in the seafood industry all his life and continues to do so, advising several large seafood organisations and companies. A passionate Shetlander, John has always been fascinated in the island’s history. His first book, ‘The Cod Hunters’, was published in 2018.

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